If it's not a perfect fit, we'll make it perfect!

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about at SOL – Store of Lingerie, it’s perfectly fitting bras. That is usually accomplished by properly sizing and fitting our customers and then helping them choose from our extensive selection of fine European bras to fit their size, style and shape. Sometimes though, minor adjustments are required to make a bra make it even better.  

Because we believe so strongly that all bras should fit perfectly, if alterations are required, they’re complimentary and taken care of here at the store by our on-staff, completely amazing full-time seamstress. (Seriously, we love her.)

Our most common complimentary bra alterations are minor but make a big difference to the women who need them:

    • Band size reduction – A small rib cage can sometimes dictate this alteration which involves moving the hook and eyes farther back on the band to reduce band size.

    • Strap leashes – Some women experience chronic falling straps regardless of bra due to the shape of their frame. It’s easily remedied with strap leashes that our seamstress is happy to add to any bra.

    • Tucks – Sometimes a small nip and tuck in one or both cups is all that it takes for a smooth, lovely fit. Our seamstress is great at these detailed alterations.

    • Shapers – Shapers are sometimes added when a girl needs a little help filling out a cup size. Light and comfortable, they add shape and make for a better fitting bra.

    • Nursing bra conversions – For a small fee, we can make your favorite bras to nursing bras, one of our most popular alterations. There’s not reason not to have fabulous bras and matching panty sets just because you’re mom.

We stand behind our pledge to make sure you leave with perfect fitting bras and will do what it takes to make that happen!