Cindy Johnson, National Bra Fitting Expert

What is the most important thing to look for when buying a bra?

It’s all about the band.

When you start learning a lot about fine lingerie, your head might be spinning with all the choices. How do you choose between from all the amazing designer lingerie when there are brands like Marie Jo, Prima Donna, Aubade, Lise Charmel, Natori…(Someone stop me! I could go on all day!) Then if you start considering fabric and materials, colors, straps, styles…how do you start? What one thing can you focus on to make sure you get right? Friends, sit up straight and listen to me: The most important aspect of ANY bra is the band size. It’s critical. Why? Because more than 80 percent of any bra’s support comes from the humble band. Sure, there are more glamorous parts of a bra. And I doubt any significant other has ever said, “Whoa, turn around and let me see the BACK of that bra,” but it’s true. The hardworking band is the heart and soul of making your boobs look fantastic.

When you’re buying a new bra, it’s crucial that the band be right. So take a second to turn around in the mirror. The band should be comfortably snug. Not too tight, and never too loose. It shouldn’t look like a rubber band around you, and it should not bind in anyway. Check that it’s horizontal across your back, not pulling up or riding up in at all. You should be able to make it feel just right with the hooks on the loosest or middle hook.

Make a mental checklist: Comfortably snug, not too tight, not binding, not riding up, hooks on loosest or middle hooks…if it meets all those qualifications, you are well on your way to having a great fitting bra! The best part is that if you’d rather concentrate on your bra being pretty, sexy or perfect for a certain blouse or dress, we’ll take care of worrying about the band being right for you! We always check that each bra you’re considering is just right for you and a perfect fit.

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