Cindy Johnson, National Bra Fitting Expert

Cindy, where should I go to get fit for a bra?

Always visit a specialty store with professional bra fitter.

I realize that having a professional bra fitting can be a little intimidating if you’ve never done it. But if you choose the right place, you’ll not only enjoy it, you’ll wish you would have done it years sooner because you’ll look and feel better with when your bras finally fit correctly! My suggestion is to always visit a specialty store whose focus is bras and bra fitting. They should have an experienced staff that has been trained to size bras and has a solid knowledge of bra construction and fit. (A friend once confided in me that she’d gone to another lingerie store a few years ago and they actually fit her in the middle of the store by holding up different bras in front of her, over her clothes!)

The store should have private fitting rooms and the sales people should feel more like consultants who have industry knowledge that they’re willing to share. An educated fitter can then help guide you to bras that will make you and your clothes look better! Secret weight loss tip: Having your chest lifted and centered on your frame makes you look instantly taller and thinner!

Of course, we’d love it if you visited us at SOL for your bra fitting. Our staff is best trained in the business, using techniques I’ve perfected in the last two decades of bra fitting. They’re charged with providing you with a superior level of customer service while making sure that you have fun! We’re focused on building long-term relationships with our customers and educating women about the value of wearing perfect fitting, fun and fabulous bras. SOL – Store of Lingerie has really been a labor of love for my sister Jeanie and I since the very beginning. The thrill I get seeing women’s faces as they realize how great they look and feel in the right size bra can’t be matched.

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