Bra Fitting is our Speciality

We want your bras to fit you!

There are a lot of reasons to become a SOL Girl, but we’re perhaps most known for our specialty – our outstanding bra fitting ability. Whether you wear push up bras, European bras, strapless bras or all the above – when you visit us, you’ll leave feeling comfortable and beautiful in fine lingerie that fits you and your lifestyle. Our fitters are trained extensively and personally by Cindy Johnson, co-owner of SOL – Store of Lingerie and a national bra fitting expert! Her passion for making women look beautiful and feel great is passed on to every team member at SOL, so you’re guaranteed an amazing and fun bra fitting experience.

Beautiful lingerie makes women feel more beautiful - and, properly fitted, makes our wardrobes more beautiful, too. Everyone at SOL draws upon their comprehensive training to benefit you and your wardrobe. Perfectly fitting bras is not just our job – it’s our life’s passion! We love lingerie and we love what it does for women. There’s a certain confidence that comes from a lovely bra and panties set or elegant lingerie and we love sharing that with our customers. Do you find yourself tugging and fidgeting with your bra all day and can’t wait to get home to take it off?

Do your straps fall down, or worse – dig into your shoulders? Maybe you spill out the top of the cups or readjust constantly to avoid it. Do you wish there was just one more set of hooks to make it bigger, smaller, anything? These are all signs that you’re not wearing the right size or type of bra. We believe that lingerie should enhance your life – not make it more difficult. And we love that we help women all day long discover that with the right bra their body can look and feel amazing!

We’re proud that bra fitting is our specialty and we have helped thousands of women discover that lingerie can be life-enhancing because we know how important it is to be confident and feel beautiful. Come in for a SOL fitting - and let us tell you your correct size and best types of bras for your body…and your outfits!

That’s why bra fitting is our passion – and our specialty

Your bra can not only make or break your wardrobe – it can make or ruin your day. A properly fitted bra is key to making your clothes -and you - look and feel beautiful! Too many women guess their bra size or quickly choose one in a department store without taking the time to have their bras fitted – and then they pay the price with lumps, bumps and uncomfortable tugging. That’s why everyone at SOL has gone through extensive training to learn the secrets of bra fitting, developed and perfected by our own Cindy Johnson in her more than twenty years in the fine lingerie industry. With a proper fit, you’ll leave with bras you love that look and feel great.