Bra Sizes

A Bra for Every Body!

It’s really no secret at all, those mall stores just don’t have the selection of sizes that we do at SOL – Store of Lingerie! In fact, we have nearly twice the size range of those big stores, with sizes ranging from 32A to 44H – and all in a comfortable, personalized setting with people who really know you and want to find you the best possible bra for your body. We know that not every bra should be made in every size – but we also know that every size should have a beautiful selection of bras. What works for a 34A might not work for a 38E, but that doesn’t mean they can’t both be lovely, sexy, impeccably crafted and best of all, drop-dead gorgeous. You deserve to love your bras no matter what your size!

Our wide size range means we’ll find the perfect fit for you.

At SOL, you’re going to find a diverse selection of designer lingerie in every size, including entire lines dedicated to D-cups and larger – no more being delegated to “grandma bras” for our D-cup and above ladies! Every bra we carry is not only functional – it’s fabulous – regardless of size. And because even women of the same size aren’t always the same shape, our expert fitters can recommend the right style of bra in your size range. It’s easy, and we do all the work. No hunting through racks and or trying to determine if something is a good fit. And the best part – most all of our bras have a matching panty available in several styles. So you’re not only beautiful, you’re coordinated!