How Often Do I Need a Bra Fitting?

How often should you be fitted for a bra?

Women’s bodies are probably the most adaptable and amazing things on the planet. If you think of what they can go through – and yet they’re still beautiful, it’s amazing. But it means that our sizes and shapes change and vary, so it’s important to be fitted for bras once a year.

Your bra size can change up to five times in your life, starting with puberty of course. As teens’ bodies develop into the woman they’re going to become, they’ll go through several sizes. Teenagers love SOL because we understand that this is all a new and sort of weird process and can help them feel comfortable. We love meeting with moms and their teenaged girls to find pretty and fun bras. A visit every year is especially important for teens.

Pregnancy greatly affects your bra size, too, as any woman who has experienced it can attest. Afterwards, breastfeeding changes the size and shape so that you may end up larger, smaller, or just the same afterwards. As your size increases, it’s important for breast health to keep them properly supported. If you’re pregnant or breast feeding now, make sure you come see us. Our expert alterations department can take beautiful bras that you choose for pregnancy and turn them into nursing bras for after the baby arrives.

Weight loss or gain can also change your bra size. Even a five or ten pound difference could make your bras fit vastly differently. And, aging affects our size and shape as well.

Other changes to bra size can occur due to certain medications like birth control, or surgeries if you have breast reduction or augmentation. If you’re thinking of either, come see us first. We have a lot of experience with both and can give you some advice about what to expect.

Cindy Johnson recommends getting fitted for bras once a year.

If you’re worried you’ll forget to be fitted once a year, make it a birthday treat to yourself! We’re happy to check your size and then help you find something to feel beautiful in.