Learn to Love Bra Shopping

Bra shopping made fun!

Listen. We know what you’re thinking. Bra shopping is kind of like going to the dentist. Necessary and you’re glad when it’s done, but it’s not exactly something you look forward to. Well, if you feel that way, it’s pretty obvious that you’ve never been to a lingerie store like SOL!

Ready to feel beautiful?

One of the advantages of shopping at SOL is working with an experienced fitter who knows how a bra should fit. And finding the proper size is just the first step. Not every bra fits every girl even if it is the right size. Our expertise comes from first determining your size and then helping you choose the perfect designers and styles of bras that fit you. Every SOL Girl is familiar with the particulars of every bra that we carry. That’s a lot of bras…but it’s all for your benefit. It means you don’t have waste your time trying on bras that aren’t quite right… but rather enjoy choosing between all the beautiful bras that are exactly perfect!

Our SOL Girls are professional, extensively trained, and super knowledgeable about fine lingerie. But they’re also fun, funny and honest. So going to SOL is like shopping with your BFF who just happens to know everything there is to know about underwear! We’ll explain why a bra is constructed the way it is, and why certain types work better for you. We’ll help you find just the thing to pick up your boobs and your spirits – whether you need the perfect t-shirt bra, a sexy push up bra, strapless bra or even nursing bra.

We work closely with lingerie designers in Europe, choosing their loveliest products and giving them our input on what real women love. We’ve seen the manufacturing facilities and met the people who choose the lace, add the final tiny bow or bling. And we bring back all that experience and cooperation to SOL so that the women of Denver and beyond get to enjoy lingerie shopping!

Once you’ve shopped at SOL – Store of Lingerie, you’ll become a SOL Girl, too – part of the family of women who know that bra shopping is a treat to pamper yourself and nothing at all like going to the dentist.