What to expect in a Bra Fitting?

What is a bra fitting all about?

We understand that the idea of being fitted for a bra can cause a little anxiety, but there really isn’t any need for that when you let us help you determine your correct size bra at SOL. We work hard to make the entire experience of fitting and shopping with us to be fun and comfortable – including the fitting! When you arrive at the store, you will be greeted by one of our friendly and experienced SOL Girls. There’s a chance you may be a little distracted by all the styles you see around you…and we bet you’ll stop to feel some cashmere loungewear or admire our selection of underwear for men. When you’re ready, your SOL Girl will invite you into a private fitting room.

Once you’re comfortable in the fitting room, you’ll discuss any concerns you have with your fitter as well as review your current lingerie needs and wants. Are you a t-shirt girl or are sheer blouses more your style? Do you wear a lot of dresses or tank tops? What’s your favorite look? When do you feel most comfortable and beautiful? Remember, fitting is our specialty. We’ve helped thousands of women…and we’re women ourselves, so you’re treated like a friend who needs our advice and expertise.

Next comes probably the best part of a fitting at SOL. Without even pulling out a measuring tape, your SOL Girl will assess the fit of your current bra visually, and from that, she will be able to determine your size and best fitting styles– holistically.

Our first time customers are always truly amazed that after just this conversation and visual check, our fitter will return to the room with an appropriate selection of bras that fit perfectly! And all our customers are always thankful that instead of trying on bra after bra that isn’t quite right, or getting dressed to go back out and shuffle through racks, you get to spend your time privately choosing from gorgeous bras all selected for you because they’re exactly right. You’ll be astounded at how easy and fun it is to shop for bras, underwear and lingerie when someone else is doing all the work!

After you choose the bras that will work best for you, we’ll show you available colors and coordinating panties in several styles. All your choices and preferences are saved in our database so shopping becomes even easier for subsequent visits and sending in your significant other for gifts is fool proof!