Bridal and honeymoon lingerie

SOL has the perfect bridal Lingerie for your wedding day, night and honeymoon!

Your big day! You’ve chosen the venue, bridesmaids, flowers and of course…the perfect dress. How do you make sure it looks as stunning on you as it did in the mannequin? The secret to ensuring that your wedding dress fits perfectly often depends on what’s underneath it. Our SOL Girls love meeting with brides, seeing their dresses and determining what’s right for each dress and bride. We will help you find just the right bridal lingerie to make you dress photographer perfect. The style and fabric of your dress will determine if your undergarments are white or nude, smooth or lacy, a bustier, bra, tapes or slip.  At SOL, we’ll do what it takes to make sure the only thing your fiancé and guests see is you, in your beautiful dress. The best part? There’s no appointment necessary, just come see us. It’s best if you can bring the dress with you, but if that’s not possible, photographs of the front and back of your dress are helpful. 

Remind your bridesmaids to visit us before the wedding, too. So many attendant dresses require strapless bras and shapewear, it’s best to plan ahead and make sure they’re all set so you don’t get pictures of your best friends and cousins tugging on ill-fitting last minute purchases.  (SOL hosiery and gift cards make perfect gifts for your bridal party, by the way.)

Wedding night & Honeymoon

It used to be that brides wore their special wedding night lingerie under her wedding dress. As wedding receptions have gotten longer and dresses more specialized, that’s changed. Many wedding gowns are strapless, smooth and simple, so lingerie and shape wear needs to be plain and nude to best showcase the dress. Although it might leave a lasting memory, it is not exactly the “wow factor” you’re probably hoping for on your wedding night. Not to worry! We’ll help you make the dress look amazing and then help you choose the sexy something that you can slip into after you’ve left the reception and slipped out of that dress.  Having a gorgeous wedding night outfit to change into helps change the mood from the frenzy of friends and family to just the two of you so you can remember what the day was all about anyway.

You can create a bridal registry at SOL!

Having friends or family host a lingerie shower is both exciting and horrifying. If your BFFs could use a little guidance to your size and taste, it’s easy to register for what you love and what fits at SOL. Two to three weeks before your shower, come see us and have some fun taking time to try on and choose what you love and what looks great on you! We’ll record all your styles, colors selections and sizes into our gift registry so your shower guests can easily reference it. We’ll even giftwrap for them so it’s extra easy. On the day of your shower, you can sit back and feel the love of all those bright yellow boxes and bows. Gift registries are for in-store and phone orders only, not available online. (We love phone orders! Out-of-town loved ones shouldn’t hesitate to call us at 303-394-1060.)