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How should you care for your Bras?

How Often Should I Wash My Bras?

You should wash your bras after each wearing. Yes, you read that right! When you invest in great fitting bras, underwear and fine lingerie, you want to take care of it all properly. Our new customers are sometimes shocked when we share with them that your bras will actually last longer if you wash them more often. In fact, you should wash your bra after every single wearing.  Believe it or not, this is how they keep their shape and elasticity. Bras are made of gentle fabrics that break down with body oils. Washing them after each wearing extends their life. Never wear the same bra two days in a row unless you’ve washed it overnight.

How Should I Wash Them?

But how should you wash them? Ideally, hand washing is the most gentle. But we realize life is a little more complicated and hurried than that. So, if you can’t hand wash, the delicate cycle in your washing machine is fine. Always remember to hook the backs together and put them in a lingerie bag.  Whether you hand wash or use your machine, we recommend choosing Forever New Lingerie Wash as the cleaning agent rather than traditional laundry soap. It is citrus based and extremely gentle and gets your lingerie truly clean. It smells great, too – and most of our SOL Girls use it for their hosiery and other delicates as well as their bras.

How Many Bras Should I Have?

The best way to not be tempted to wear a bra without washing it is to have enough to get you through a week.  We recommend having at least seven bras so that you can go several days – or a whole week - without worrying about washing them.

How Long Will My Bras Last

Very important – never put your bras in the dryer. The heat will damage the elasticity and shorten their life. Better to air dry. If you have seven bras that are treated properly, washed after each use and never dried, your bras will last about a year to a year and half. Bras don't last forever because they’re the hardest working item in your wardrobe. A great way to remember when you purchased your bras is to visit us on your birthday or before special occasions like anniversaries. Or, plan to visit us during our special sales throughout the year, so you’ll know when the sale rolls around again that your bra is a year old.