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Cristina Bertocci

Cristina Ferrell

Ridgewood, NJ
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Top Fitting Room Tip
Have fun with it and be yourself - you can wear whatever you want to underneath your clothes.  It is my job to be sure to bring you all of the options to best suit your needs.  Be present during the fitting, it is helpful if you can recall some of your daily outfits from memory. 
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Call the store: 303-394-1060
Favorite Item:
Marie Jo Jane Push Up Bra in Black
Marie Jo Jane Push Up Bra
Favorite Brand:
Andres Sarda

Best Part About Her Job

The people I meet on a daily basis.  I know you all think we are amazing- be confident that we think you are all amazing as well!  Having the confidence and courage to invest in some wonderful Lingerie for yourself is a very empowering experience and I love being able to share that with each client that walks in the door. 

Fave Customer Story

My favorite customer story comes from a very vulnerable place.  My first experiences as a solo fitter after training took place during our biggest, craziest, crowded sale of the year- our SideWalk Sale.  It was during this sale that I met a client who is now one of my favorite people.  She came in to be sized after giving birth, nursing her new baby for a few months before he died unexpectedly.  Despite the business of the sale, time stopped in my fitting room that day and my heart broke for her.  We shared tears, hugs and stories and we were each able to find strength in each other.  She was every bit as there for me as I tried my best to be there for her.  Of course no words would make her situation better, but there was a mutual feeling of happiness and we shared some tears of joy when we found the right fit for her and she finally felt like herself again.  She is an amazing person, she has gone on to work for the Wishbone Foundation, which helps families like hers who have experienced the loss of an infant or newborn.  I will never forget how she helped me to grow as a person and as a fitter.

Funniest SOL Memory

Often at the store, we like to have dance parties in the back room.  This is a super fun thing to do and we all have a certain song that causes us to spontaneously burst into dance.  While we were slow one day, I was dancing in the back room and we had just gotten our new beautiful glass door that now leads into the back room.  While I was dancing, a client pulled up and parked in the parallel spots behind our store.  The client proceeded to get out of his car and come in the back door and it wasn't until it was just a little too late that I realized he was there and tried to very coolly and casually play it off like I wasn't just doing the silliest white girl dance moves you've ever seen and assist him in finding a gift for his wife.  I was mortified, but of course our SOL guy thought it was funny and we went on to find a gorgeous set for him to give his wife for her birthday.  I always watch the door now while I'm dancing!

What She Does For Fun

I love to travel when I have time, my boyfriend and I have been fortunate enough to travel to some really wonderful places and I always have somewhere new I want to go.  I also love date nights around Denver and fun weekend activities out with friends like skiing in the winter, and  sun bathing by the pool in summer.

SOL Girls LOVE Cristina

Lauren C.
Once again, I am very impressed with your customer service.  I was worried about being away when I moved to TX, but knew that SOL would still take care of me!  A few weeks ago, I called Cristina with a wild idea that I NEEDED a new Lise Charmel set at 10am.  The only hitch being that my boyfriend would need to receive the surprise prior to heading to DIA at 3pm the same day!  She worked her magic, got the package delivered to him, and gave him a perfect surprise without missing a beat!  

Ashleigh M.
It's all about the bras baby!! And the amazing sales women as well. Cristina helped turn a shopping trip into a shopping experience and life time memory!

Diana B.
Cristina greeted us as we stepped in the door.  After talking us through the items on display, she steered us to a fitting room and began bringing in things to try on.  She impressed me right out of the gate by correctly guessing, just by visual observation, my correct bra size. Over the next two hours, Cristina repeatedly demonstrated her expertise.  She was so knowledgeable about bras, brands, fitting, fabric, your product line, your current and soon arriving inventory, I felt like I had taken a class.  She was probably the most professional sales person I have ever encountered! 

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