Jen Baughman

Jen Baughman

Grand Rapids, MI
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Have fun and be open to trying new things. You just never know what fun new treasures you may find!
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Best Part About Her Job

The look on a SOL Girl's face when we find something that is just perfect for her! Whether she’s been struggling to find the right fit or just didn’t realize she could wear something so pretty that would support her as well. There are so many ways we can help women feel their best, and when you can see the results on her face while we’re in the fitting rooms, it just makes my day!

Fave Customer Story

We had a gal come in for a training exercise, she hadn’t been in in a while, had gotten married, had kids and got divorced all in a number of years, but she just needed something new. Somewhere in the process of fitting and trying on new bras, it came out that the bra she came in wearing was the one she had purchased for her wedding several years prior and she was just holding on to it for some unknown reason. As we were trying different pieces on, I ran back to the closet for one more that I thought she might like, and she loved it, it was perfect, but the straps were just a little too long. Well, our fabulous Gloria was able to shorten the straps while we finished up her fitting and we sent her home wearing a new, sexy black bra that reflected a new light of confidence in her face and she left the old bra with us to donate. We all have different stages in our lives and different processes of working through them, and I feel so incredibly fortunate to have been able to help this person move forward and feel great!

Funniest SOL Memory

Too many to count! They include both coworkers…and customers!

What She Does For Fun

I love spending time with my family, whether we’re camping in the Grand Canyon or just heading to the local eatery for “kids’ night”, my children and my husband are my rocks. I also love to cook, which becomes a family affair as well. My kiddos love to help me cook and they absolutely love to bake, decorate and eat anything I present to them!

SOL Girls LOVE Jen

Today I had the most wonderful, and quite frankly, so(u)l healing experience. I had not been to Sol in almost 7 years, since before my wedding day when I purchased my wedding bra there. As the fitting was about to begin I realized that I was wearing that same bra! Over the past few years I’ve gone through some life altering changes including motherhood and a divorce, so to be wearing that same bra after so many years was only slightly embarrassing. But then!... these wonderful ladies put me in the most amazing little black bra (even better than a little black dress) The straps were slight too loose and they were able to alter them on the spot so that I could finally retire my ooooold bridal wear and walk out in my new perfect black sexy bra. I left my old pre-divorce bra with them to be donated. There was something magical about the whole experience that left my feeling overjoyed. I cannot thank the ladies at Sol enough for the care and attention they showered me with. I am so grateful.