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Jessica Aderman

Jessica Aderman

Colorado Native! Born and raised in Denver
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Come in to a fitting with an open mind - Trying new styles can be so exhilarating! I’ll help you find great pieces that accentuate your body, leaving you feeling beautiful!
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Call the store: 303-394-1060
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Aubade Reve Evielle
Aubade Reve Eveille
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Best Part About Her Job

Getting to meet and interact with such incredible people - both colleagues and customers alike! Creating and maintaining relationships with unique and inspiring individuals is a daily occurrence at SOL. The connections I have made are genuine and meaningful. There is a lot of trust instilled in me and it's an honor to be able to provide my expertise and share such beautiful pieces with empowering women!

Fave Customer Story

On multiple occasions, women tell me how finding the perfect fitting bra has changed their lives for the better. I worked with a woman who shared her story with me about her breast cancer journey that she had successfully battled. She was in to find bras that accentuated her body after reconstructive surgery and we were able to find outstanding pieces and even found the perfect, magical swimsuit! She exuded so much confidence and gratitude and my heart was filled with joy!

Funniest SOL Memory

Not a day has passed that I don't laugh at work! All of the girls have exceptional personalities and there's never a dull moment at SOL!

What She Does For Fun

I love to travel and explore the world! I enjoy being outdoors, as well as music, art, dancing and of course - food! I have a passion for landscape photography and spending time with my amazing friends, family and Golden Retrievers.

SOL Girls LOVE Jessica

Today I had the most wonderful, and quite frankly, so(u)l healing experience. I had not been to Sol in almost 7 years, since before my wedding day when I purchased my wedding bra there. As the fitting was about to begin I realized that I was wearing that same bra! Over the past few years I’ve gone through some life altering changes including motherhood and a divorce, so to be wearing that same bra after so many years was only slightly embarrassing. But then!... these wonderful ladies put me in the most amazing little black bra (even better than a little black dress) The straps were slight too loose and they were able to alter them on the spot so that I could finally retire my ooooold bridal wear and walk out in my new perfect black sexy bra. I left my old pre-divorce bra with them to be donated. There was something magical about the whole experience that left my feeling overjoyed. I cannot thank the ladies at Sol enough for the care and attention they showered me with. I am so grateful.

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