Sandy Heisser

Sandy Heisser

Blythe, California
Fitter Since
Top Fitting Room Tip
My best tip is to not be afraid.  Don't be intimidated.  We are all excited that you are in the store and want to show you all the pretty things we have to offer.  Come in prepared to enjoy your time at SOL and to have some fun! 
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Call the store: 303-394-1060

SOL Girls LOVE Sandy!

Lenora C.
It was my first time there as a customer after hearing about if for years.  Sandy  was exceptional at customer service, bra fitting, education, and attention to details, all of this while I was mindful of getting back in time for an appointment. I greatly appreciate her knowledge, skill and being such a pleasure to work with as well. Thank you for talking such great care of me, Sandy!

Larisa M.
BIG shout out to my amazing fitter, Sandy. I REALLY appreciated her sweet personality, wit, and professionalism. My time was easy and fun leaving with 4 new bras and panties and a beautiful gift for my mother. Thank you Sandy!

Diana B.
My experience with this shop was nothing short of incredible! Sandy and I exchanged emails prior to my appointment so that when we arrive she had everything in order. She was knowledgeable and professional, it was an amazing experience I will never forget. I will recommend your store to all of my friends. You have a customer for life!