Bra Fitting is our Speciality

Free The Girls
What if we gave the average woman the opportunity to partner with women who have been rescued from human trafficking? *Co-Founder Dave Terpstra, 2010

So began the journey where an Emmy-award winning television producer (Kimba Langas) and a social entrepreneur (Dave Terpstra) walked away from their successful careers to try and change the world.

Free The Girls launched in August 2010, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  To date they’ve collected over 200,000 gently used bras from women all over the world.  In Spring 2011, working alongside their first safe house partner, Project Purpose, we they launched a pilot program in Mozambique, Africa.  The results of the pilot program were very promising—the women made 3-5x minimum wage selling bras.

In February 2012, Free The Girls was featured in a 3-part series of stories by CNN’s Freedom Project.  The response was amazing, with an outpouring of support from all over the world!  As a result, they shipped 32,000 bras to Mozambique in July 2012.  Since the bras arrived, they're happy to report that they’ve been able to replicate the results of the successful pilot program and add more women to the program, for a current total of 21.  In fact, they recently shipped a container with 73,000 more bras.  The women sell between 100-500 bras each per month.

CNN aired a 30-minute follow-up documentary on Free The Girls on February 15, 2013 (watch online here).  The media exposure has introduced us to new partners, and we are currently launching pilot programs with 5 new after-care providers in three countries (Kenya, Uganda and El Salvador).