Teen Bra Fittings

What is a Teen Bra Fitting all about?

Cindy had a young girl email her recently asking some questions about when she should get a bra fitting.  Puberty is such a challenging time (for parents and daughters both!) and Cindy loves being able to offer some advice.  Being the Mom of a teen herself, it made her realize the sooner young girls can learn about bras and their changing bodies, the better prepared they are for their teenage years. Cindy designed SOL's Teen Bra Fittings to teach young girls that a bra fitting can be fun, not scary!  They are educational, confidence building and create positive self image.  Her goal with them is simply to give young girls a chance to know what to expect, whether they are ready for a bra or not. Whether your daughter has never worn a bra, or is already in college but has never had a bra fitting, it is a life lesson a young girl can carry with her forever.  We recommend making an appointment but there is no purchase necessary. Call us at 303-394-1060.

Click here to read Cindy's blog about her email exchange with young Katie and the advice she gave her.

Bella, Cindy's daughter:  

"Well I pretty much grew up talking about bras since I was born because of my Mom.  As I go into high school it is one area I don't have to feel nervous about.  I know my boobs are going to get bigger and I get fit pretty often to see if I've changed sizes.  I've learned what bras to wear with what clothing so that I'm drawing attention to the shirt, not my bra."


"I needed to start wearing bras in the 6th grade.  I was lucky - I already knew Cindy and was fit by her for my first bra so she made it really comfortable for me.   Now that I'm starting high school I feel like I already know so much about what bras to wear with what kind of shirt. For example I know which bra I can criss cross with a tank top so the straps don't show."


"I was really nervous for my first fitting, even though I went shopping at SOL with a friend.  It was the summer before I started high school.  But my fitter made me feel really comfortable and I realized my fears were unfounded."


"Shopping at SOL  has a warm and fuzzy feel to it, and at least everyone is buying the same thing.   I'm really embarrassed to go into Target and have to grab bras in front of everyone."