Nursing bras should fit well, too.

Are you a new Mom, or do you know someone who is? Did you know SOL can convert any bra into a nursing bra? This means all of our bras are maternity bras. We believe Moms deserve comfortable and pretty nursing bras.

During your forty weeks of pregnancy, your boobs go on a size adventure! Getting fit every few months is crucial in making sure that you are always comfortable in the correct cup size. Like shoes and jeans, you should buy bras that fit properly at the time of purchase instead of purchasing a poorly fitting bra in hopes that it may fit in the future. If you prefer an underwire bra, it is okay to wear one when pregnant and nursing, but it is important that you ensure the underwire be the right size.

Pregnancy and breast feeding requires more frequent fittings

Congratulations! Once you have the baby your size will change yet again, and be completely different from when you were pregnant. We recommend getting fitted for nursing bras one or two weeks after you’ve had the baby to allow for your milk to come in and your new size to have stabilized. Please bring your bundle of joy in with you. We will coo and admire while you spend a few minutes taking care of mommy.

Nursing Bras

Breastfeeding is one of the only times in a woman’s life that her breast size is guaranteed to change over and over. Getting fit during this time is essential for breast health and support, not to mention comfort. Just because you are nursing doesn’t mean you have to compromise beauty and fit. Any bra you buy at SOL can be converted into a nursing bra. That means not only do you get to enjoy a pretty, comfortable and versatile bra, but you can start feeling like yourself again!

Cindy's Hospital Bag Tips

Every baby book will tell you to pack the camera, toothbrush, slippers and phone list, but Cindy recommends packing several pairs of black, full-butt panties, too. Hanky Panky v-kinis work great. They are much more comfortable than the disposable underwear the hospital is going to hand you after delivery. Bonus: f you end up with a C-section (planned or not) the front is low enough that it falls below where the c-section incision will be. Cindy says:

“I remember feeling pale and exhausted in the hospital after Bella was born. Lucky for me, I had packed my Fernando sleep shirt in bright orange – my favorite color - and it was a real pick me up! Getting to wear my own nightshirt and robe instead of the blah hospital gown really helped those first few days when everything was such a blur. I remember passing by a mirror and actually feeling a little bit like myself! The added bonus of the Fernando brand is that it is completely machine washable and very durable, so I never had to worry about stains!”

When you’re packing your hospital bag, choose a nightshirt in a color that makes
you happy and you know you’ll look good in. You’ll be glad you did months and years later when you’re looking at all those Instagram and Facebook photos.

Cindy’s other new mom secret:

“Top Hats (reusable nipple covers) are a great alternative to nursing pads. They are less visible under clothing and you can slip a cosmetic pad in between your nipple and the dimmer to block leakage. The bonus? It saves you money on expensive nursing pads!”