"I believe art is a gift to enrich one’s life, a luxury to experience and enjoy every day. At Natori, we bring art into everything we do. Each piece is designed and crafted to be a personal treasure – a modern harmony of East and West. A sensual palette of color and texture. A glamorous thread to weave into your life, reflecting your inner world, empowering your outer world. To me, indulgence is a necessity…as a woman, a traveler, a collector, I know the joy of exploring, the magic of expressing one’s every mood through objects of desire. As a classical pianist, I know one never plays the same note twice. There’s always an element of surprise and discovery, an evolving, unfolding adventure of what’s to come."
The House of Natori was founded in 1977 by Josie Natori, CEO and Chief Creative Officer. What began with creating lingerie on her living room floor truly has evolved into a lifestyle. “Natori is a total concept, a way of life,” says Josie. She started the company from scratch, leaving a prestigious position on Wall Street, where she was the first female Vice President of Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch. Four decades later, Natori is one of the fashion industry’s most recognizable designer brands. The Natori company is proud to have remained a family business. Josie’s son Ken left Wall Street to join the company in 2007, and now serves as President.‌

Natori x Sol

We have been so fortunate to call on Josie Natori as a mentor and friend throughout the life of Sol. She has been a great wealth of knowledge and always generous with her time and insight. Our relationship is invaluable, one that has been so fun to look back on throughout the years; from celebrating our anniversaries together in 2007 at our store on Detroit Street (Sol’s 10th, Natori’s 30th), to hosting our most recent Paris Sol Girls at her exquisite apartment for a night of fashion! Upon viewing her breathtaking Spring/Summer 24 collections, we knew we had to create magic again and host an exclusive event for our VIP Sol Girls in Denver.
* Pictured - Josie Natori, Cindy Johnson, Jeanie Peterson, 2007

Natori Pop Up Shop

Natori is one of the fashion industry's most recognizable designer brands. For a limited time you can shop the Spring/Summer 2024 ready-to-wear, sleepwear, and accessory collections at Sol.
Thursday, May 30th // 4-8pm
Friday, May 31 // 11am-5pm
Saturday, June 1st // 11am-5pm
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