Meet our Fitters

At Sol, we hire friendly, fabulous girls you can trust. Their job is to understand exactly what you need and where you’re coming from. Whatever you’re worried about (back fat, a post-baby bod, the fact that you’re wearing a bra from 1992), they’ve seen it all! Most importantly, our girls receive months of intensive training to make sure you get the perfect fit.

Cindy Johnson

Come in with an open mind. I love to show you something that is out of your box. All of my gals leave feeling beautiful and always say "Wow, I would never have thought I would love my bras this much!"

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Sandy Heisser

My best tip is to not be afraid or intimidated.  We're all excited that you are in the store and we want to show you all of the pretty things we have to offer.  Come in prepared to enjoy your time at SOL and to have some fun!

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Amy Parks

The quintessential “everyday” bra isn't the same for every woman, but there truly is a style of bra out there for you, so let me help you find it! I will guide you toward the style(s) that will support you, make your boobs look amazing, and fit your everyday needs!

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Skye Festog

Love yourself for who you are today. Appreciate this time to spoil yourself a little and I’ll take care of the rest! Oh and you only have one life and one closet - why not have fun with it!

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Gwyn Inglis

Tits up!

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Britt Ganger

Your body is beautiful! Try not to feel shy and trust me. Sometimes it can take a few tries to find the perfect fit for you, so be patient and don’t get discouraged. And remember, good bras are an investment!

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