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Skye Festog

Trumbull, CT
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Love yourself for who you are today. Appreciate this time to spoil yourself a little and I’ll take care of the rest! Oh and you only have one life and one closet - why not have fun with it!
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Aubade La Belle Galante
Aubade La Belle Galante
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Best Part About Her Job

I love going on a journey with my ladies. Meeting someone wherever they are at and finding something that illuminates them from the inside out is so gratifying! Finding that right fit can be truly transformative to your confidence and your comfort! I’m also a sucker for a matching set. My British grandmother was a corset maker and my mother was a ballerina so the tradition of finding beautiful matching undergarments was passed down to me through the generations. I love when the women I work with step into the wonderful world of matching sets and luxuriate on how put together and elegant it makes you feel!

Fave Customer Story

One of my most cherished memories at SOL would be fitting my wonderful mom. As a petite lady who has struggled to find the right fit her whole life, I will never forget the look on her face when she tried on her first Daisy bra after my fit. Her eyes went wide as she turned around and said, “It doesn’t gape!” We were able to try on so many beautiful things as she excitedly giggled and jumped from piece to piece. As I walked her to the door, she turned to me with tears in her eyes and said, “This is so much more than a bra Skye, I have never had a place that gets me.” As a mom I knew she would be supportive in any path I take, but in that moment I knew that SOL had truly touched her beyond just my fit, and that made me love my job here all the more.

Funniest SOL Memory

All the girls here are so much fun, I literally laugh every day! There are too many moments to choose, but I will say that I never leave SOL without a smile.

What She Does For Fun

I dance! I grew up dancing and the love of it has continued into adulthood. I now primarily Swing dance! (Think Swing Kids not Toby Keith) I like to say that I’m kind of like a superhero – SOL Girl by day, professional dancer by night! I also adore a trip to the museum, snuggling up to watch classic film, or baking sumptuous desserts for my loved ones to gobble up!

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