Sky Festog

Skye Festog

Trumbull, CT
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Love yourself for who you are today. Appreciate this time to spoil yourself a little and I’ll take care of the rest! Oh and you only have one life and one closet - why not have fun with it!
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SOL Girls LOVE Skye!

Laurie S.
Skye was an amazing customer advocate. If you want to have a true professional bra fitting and someone who is genuinely sincere in making sure you have an amazing bra fit, ask for her. She was kind, knowledgeable and very sincere in finding the perfect bra for my daughter and for me. A+ great experience.

Kathleen M.
Skye was such a gem! This was my first time at Sol and she made me feel at home immediately. She knew the bra I was wearing and quickly brought me similar fits in beautiful colors and patterns. They had a great selection, which is not very common for my fit. Skye made me feel comfortable and confident. I will definitely return!